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ByEric L.on January 28, 2013

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I have mixed feelings about this unit.

I bought it as an Amazon Warehouse Deals open box and I'm sure it was fine when it left their warehouse. But it was packed with almost comedic negligence. It was just sitting on the very bottom of a large corrugate box with some brown paper tossed on top, and as a result it arrived beaten up.

The front left foot had broken off due to in-transit trauma and was loose in the container. The volume pot and integrated motor drive was pushed into the unit and rattling around free inside the amp, and of course the volume knob was running loose in the shipper. Also, the speaker posts on the back were slightly pushed in. Whoever packed this box should be taken off the line and retrained or possibly given a job in a completely different field.

It's hard for me think up onkyo a5vl не работает канал excuse for work this heedless.


A lot of people would have shipped it straight back, and perhaps I should have, because this first onkyo a5vl не работает канал with the thing might have colored my opinion of it.

onkyo a5vl не работает канал

However, it was open box and the onkyo a5vl не работает канал one at a great price, so I decided to see if I could work with it. I opened up the case and put the volume pot back where it belongs and pushed the speaker posts back out. And I stuck the foot back on.

I'll glue it there if I keep the unit. So now it looks like new, except for the foot, but only I know about this.

None of this is the fault of the unit itself; I mention it as a caveat for anyone looking to buy open box from Amazon Warehouse Deals.


The unit itself is very heavy for onkyo a5vl не работает канал size and immensely solid feeling.

Inside its clean and well laid out, but the aforementioned volume pot is held in place with bent clips rather than screws. This is not a problem if you don't intend to drop the amp or throw it across the room. The unit is clearly well-built and starkly handsome in a Darth-Vader-but-in-matte-black sort of way.

It does indeed make a soft humming noise when onkyo a5vl не работает канал is on, as other reviews here have reported. This is not a ground loop issue and is independent of volume or output.I'm not used to this with solid state gear but I suppose you can always pretend it's a tube amp.

In any event, for me this is a non-issue as the onkyo a5vl не работает канал is almost always going to be masked by the ambient noise of my home.


The first thing I did was hook it up to my Mac via optical/toslink and plug in my headphones, a pair of Sennheiser HD 600's.

I hit the "direct" button on the amp, queued up some nice classical lossless files, and was transported away. The A-5VL is an *excellent* headphone amp. I really don't know if it's the amp, its dual dacs, or some combination, but this thing makes my HD 600s sound as flat and clean and authoritative as anything I have heard them with.

There is plenty of resolution here, and lots of room to go onkyo a5vl не работает канал with zero audible distortion.

I also queued up a lot of other kinds of music and at the end of the day, I believe this amp drives my HD 600s as well as they are ever going to be driven. Period.


I next hooked up my speakers, a pair of classic Klipsch KG 4s I have owned since the 1980s.

KG 4s are very clean, highly efficient ( 94dB @ 1watt/1meter ) floorstanders. I used to drive them well with a 35 watt per channel NAD amp, so the A-5VL should easily drive these.

My listening area is in my home office and is, unfortunately, not well set up acoustically. It's hard to get the KG 4s sounding as great as I know them to be.

In the right circumstances these speakers just crush it. But here I was onkyo a5vl не работает канал expecting not to lose anything from my last amp, a 100 watt per channel Pioneer Elite receiver. Unfortunately, I think I have become dependent on the "loudness" curve that the Pioneer provides. There is no such button on the Onkyo. So you can turn off the direct button and fiddle with the bass and treble, but it's just not the same if you want some punch.

To my ears, the Onkyo sounds a bit lifeless.


Audiophiles will cringe, because flat is where it's at, and the Onkyo certainly is flat. But with those speakers, in that space, I really want the little oomph a loudness curve button can provide. I can't change the way my office is laid out.
Can I get used to the more flat sounding Onkyo? I am going to try. There certainly is enough detail in the music and the Klipsches have always been able to make me happy.

Onkyo a5vl не работает канал could resort to equalization via iTunes, but try to avoid that sort of tweaking.

The Klipsches can get loud. hearing damage loud. without clipping or distortion on the Onkyo. That's how they have always behaved on every amp I have paired them with. And by the way, the Onkyo never gets hot driving these speakers. It doesn't even break a sweat.


I went with the A-5VL because I wanted digital output from my desktop computer directly to an audiophile class two channel amp.

I onkyo a5vl не работает канал want to take up a USB slot on the iMac (and waste the built in S/PDIF? NO! ) and I didn't want to spend serious money or clutter up my office with a high end external DAC. Oh, onkyo a5vl не работает канал I wanted a kickass headphone amp.

(Kids today with their Facebooks and their internets and their Audio Technica M50s are all buying little headphone amps but to me, it's ridiculous to have a headphone amp sitting on top of a perfectly good integrated amp that has a headphone socket. The trick is using an integrated amp that isn't crap to begin with.)

The Onkyo A-5VL onkyo a5vl не работает канал one of the few devices that has all that stuff. The headphone section is serious business. It's not some toy headphone amp that looks great but has ratty fit and finish and questionable longevity.

I have no idea what the output impedance of that jack is, but with my 300 ohm cans it's a delight.

If you've read this far, congratulations.Your ADD medication is working.

Mine isn't, so I'm going to leave you with this:
If you're looking for an integrated 2 channel amp with a built in DAC and a good headphone section, your choices are slim.

Especially if you want high quality and a reasonble price.The A-5VL is a very nice piece of gear but beware: by itself, the amp is flat and precise sounding and that's not always a lot of fun.

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