Neat motive 3


I'm glad that you are enjoying the Motive 3s. My Motive 2's are bringing me ever more pleasure as they warm in, now at about 200 hours, fronting my Nait 5i and CD5x.

For my part, Neat Neat motive 3 and Neat motive 3 have to be one of the truly great synergies.

neat motive 3

Not the only one. Not necessarily the best of the best, especially if you are prepared to neat motive 3 much more on source and speakers. But in terms of a system that is balanced in musical enjoyment and proportional in price - wonderful.

I find myself thinking less about components, and about components of the components, and just enjoying the musical life and flow and rhythm.

neat motive 3

That said, if forced to comment on the tweeter, I think it does beautifully, althought it sweetened nicely over neat motive 3 couple of hundred hours of play. This Neat modded/Focal tweeter (if I have that right) is significantly superior to several others in neat motive 3 class that have come through my room. Indeed, I had one set of speakers with a far more expensive, highly touted rare-metal tweeter that was simply too piercing for my ears.

More is not always better overall.



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