K2 ambush сноуборд

k2 ambush сноуборд

156 K2 ambush yay or nay

Im in the market for a new board
currently I ride a K2 Select 162 wide (270)
Im 5.8 180 lbs ish

Im finding the select too big and stiff, its great for full speed runs, big gaps and flat powder
but sharp turns, spins, pop, and flat ground tricks are supper hard for me

buddy has a K2 Ambush 156 for sale $200-250 used 15-20 times (no bindings)
Iv read k2 ambush сноуборд reviews and its harder to ride switch due to a smaller tail and set back bindings, other then that Iv heard good things

I mostly ride slopes and venture in to the powder when I k2 ambush сноуборд.

(some times have troubles turning my board fast enough but it floats very well)

I want to improve my powder ride most of all, also want to start doing more small kickers 180s,360s, ECT k2 ambush сноуборд so much rails or boxes

cash is not my biggest concern, but if I can I rather spend less on a board that will do me fine for now and get a new one in a season or 2.

Any advice, k2 ambush сноуборд, tips are welcome
Im hoping to check this board out this weekend and/or have a new one for next time I go to the MTN

Источник: http://www.snowboardingforum.com/boards/10986-156-k2-ambush-yay-nay.html

k2 ambush сноуборд
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