Fischer xc summit

fischer xc summit

SENDA mind stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions Fischer xc summit Holmes

Chase For WV House : Some of you may have already fischer xc summit but I’d appreciate it if you could donate here to help create momentum for this platform.

Even $5. Anything helps. It’s about creating buy-in and momentum.

fischer xc summit

I’m specifically asking you to help with a contribution before I make this public so that when people initially see it there is already some input and not a lonely zero.

If you can’t donate, no sweat and I still care about you. Here’s the link: Thank you all fischer xc summit much for the encouragement and support. I wouldn’t be doing this if it wasn’t for your collective support. Be well, Cory Fischer xc summit

Lester found us a chair lift Geländesprung Morgan Chase

Bill Berlin * Alex Kosowski * Adam Issenberg

In closing for this season, I want to acknowledge weather input from two colleagues.  Josh Brenneman of Bittinger, MD and the official published NWS COOP weather observer Dave Lesher of Canaan Heights.  Josh ha cosnsulted with fischer xc summit on his local forecast expertise during especially difficult situations.  Dave's dedicated and timely official snowfall observations form the basis for my snowfall forecasts and model guidance on those amounts.  I could not make these forecasts without both these gentleman's contributions.  Thanks guys for making this a team effort!Your Fearless Canaan Weatherman (Bob Leffler, Damascus, Fischer xc summit src=" 2018/29829592_10213646497369538_1884908071_o.jpg"> Anya Barlow

Carl Larsson 1853-1919 sent fischer xc summit Charlie Waters

Robbie's Rad Adventure


Baldy Shelter

Sue Haywood /Paul Broughton skied almost every trail @ WG in 10 hours

Andy Burnette

Lydia Darrow

Phoebe Shaw

what groomers do on the side Robbie

fischer xc summit Ski Flu?

Whitegrass is the cure! We had a ball today. Joe Sizemore

Brian Menzies


Spring fischer xc summit on the way, but fischer xc summit loitering. Strat Douglas

First tracks on Skyline drive Krispian McCullar

Jesse Jepson

Elk Knob near Boone, NC




Kevin McDermott

Sled Run open and XC skiing at Blackwater Falls * 100" on ground at Stowe Vt.

stake 3/16/18

Jason Coffman / Black Bear Burritos

Ben & Lindsey

Joel Wolpert3/14

Kirsten Vaillancourt

Thank you to Chip Chase, Laurie and the entire fischer xc summit at Whitegrass for all your hard work, and for sharing your love of Mother Earth, family, friends,wonderful food and skiing!!

It is definitely contagious! I will always cherish our time together on your magical mountain!! We are passing on the love to our kiddos and think this weekend sealed the deal!! Kristin Staley

rOBBIE'S rAD 3/11

Lucas Warner

Chipper, thanks for making WG one of the coolest ski areas on Planet Earth!

Vern Patterson

Mt. Stewards TMI * WV Mushroom Foray July 20-21 Canaan Fischer xc summit * Saving Snow sent by Naomi Jarvis

Alex Kosowski Beaver Creek Hazel & Bridger Gault

Mt Bohemia * Valley Fischer xc summit * Munising, MI

It is ridiculously sunny and warm here in Cleveland but we are still holding out hope for a little more snow to practice everything we have learned.

We are very grateful for Chip and his willingness to fischer xc summit up his ski mecca to us. Randy thank you for all the effort you put into those two days. Fischer xc summit learned a great deal. We fischer xc summit forward to skiing with all of you again in the future!

Take Care, Ashley Rossetti fischer xc summit Cleveland Fischer xc summit Parks

Ray and Cristina Loglio Phaneuf Caitlin Greg 5 time winner Birkie

river trail David Blackley * Banff Film FestHarley Cahen

Way to go USA!

White Ecstacy w/ Glen Plake

4000' @ 10" 3/25 4300' @ 20" 3/15by Bill Fischer

Anne Mtn.


PSIA * Timberline

Leslie Suppes2/20

Dolly Sods

SNOW FINALLY ARRIVES IN THE ROCKIES; EAST MELTING DOWN Conditions are mixed midway through one of the biggest weeks of the season for the nation's ski industry, with the Rockies finally getting huge dumps, and the East and West Coasts struggling with warmth and lack of snow, according to published reports.

In the Rockies and Cascades, Winter Storm Oliver brought another burst of snow through Sunday, then spread into the Midwest. When everything is said and done, snowfall will be measured in multiple feet in the Washington and Oregon Cascades, Idaho's Bitterroot Mountains and Wyoming's Tetons fischer xc summit Absaroka Mountains .

Portions of Montana had already picked up as much as 18 inches of snowfall through Saturday. Up to 16 inches of snow had been measured in parts of the Fischer xc summit Cascades as of late Saturday. Utah and Fischer xc summit ski resorts are also reporting enviable conditions, with snowfall measuring in feet at many popular resorts. “Winter is back and Aspen is back to form being the greatest ski resort in the universe.

Fischer xc summit What a difference a week and 50 inches of snow make!” resident Mike Marolt tweeted. Unfortunately, snowfall amounts in the snow-starved Sierra will once again be rather unspectacular by mid-February standards. And in New England, after a good start, earlier conditions  have deteriorated in a thaw-freeze cycle. With temperatures expected to hit the 60s in Burlington, VT, on Wednesday, things are not looking good for the near future.

The long-range forecast looks more hopeful. predicts: The remainder of February will favor powder in the western US and Canada while the east stays warm. Then, as we transition into March, the weather pattern will shift slightly, and this should bring colder weather and snow to the west coast as well as the east coast.

Kate Grinberg 2/18

Joey/Mandy/ Henry/Haley's Bike Fischer xc summit src="">

somebody call the Smithsonian Robbie

Sunset Susie by Todd

Boys flipping out Utube * fischer xc summit Freakystyle * WG Salsa * Chase Kids Outside Mag

Hawk Knob Cidery @ WG 2/10

Leader Fischer xc summit VT

Difference a day makes Adam Issenberg

Great times as always!

Nathan Kerr

Yoga In The Yurt w/ Leah Staley

Rime and ReasonDylan Jones

groundhog's ski

You guys blew me away with the exchange of boots for a different size!

Thank you. Makes a world of difference. Hoping to get your fischer xc summit soon. Turns from my local hill this morning. I’m the only one who skis this. Zach Sipe


Phoebe Shaw whitegrasser


Alex KosowskiMtn State Fat Tire Results @ WG* Fat Bike Marquette

kids ski hash / bb biathlon by Sheena

WG flag @ Crested Butte Bill Berlin * OR & Ski Show News 2018

In the mid Atlantic they're all junk boards Jason Cyr

Maureen, Griffin & Ivan

Harley Cahen nytimes.pdf * Nordic Response

WVSO * CVI is Hiring a new Executive Director

original on display fischer xc summit @ WG


Wolf CreekSue Capelle sent us one.

Woodlands Development Group

Snow Farm 5 km 300 vert by Stro

After 4.6 billion years the sun has finally burned out.

Gabe Dewitt

Staff Party


BORED & Don't Wanna Ski Coffee and baked goods at Tip Top after a dawn bird walk with breakfast at Flying Pigs, State Park and Gallery stops on your way to Canaan's great outdoors, skiing or skating, hot lunch spots including White Grass, Siriannis, Fischer xc summit Park and Timberline.

Finish up with afternoon jaunts to a bubbling sand spring or scenic overlook. Dinner open with many choices and then a night cap high quality beer at Stumptown Ales or Mtn State/Blackwater breweries. Drinks and charm Billy Motel in Davis. Rock out at the Purple Fiddle, bed by midnite.

Alternative Activities: What to do when you're wondering why you're here and the natural snow stinks or is nonexistent.besides to an amazing free and welcome hike up parts of our unbelievable trail system and mountain glades, scenic overlooks and shelters with wood stoves, visit the bubbling sand spring on Freeland Road, then telemark ski, night ski, nordic ski on manmade snow, buy one run and combine with a Dolly Sods hike * sniff out snow way up high, ice skate, sled run, tube hill, try snowshoeing, horseback ride, fischer xc summit hikes, mountain bike, fat tire bike, hike, animal tracking, cave, rock fischer xc summit, backcountry drive, paddle, stargazing in some of the clearest skies, incredibly quiet and peaceful lack of noisy noise, visit fischer xc summit nature centers and state park facilities, explore the tourist info office, trade and demo xc gear, climb olson tower, enjoy a cafe and shop a store, support artist galleries, please stop in for ideas from some experts and enjoy a ski video and great music.

many great indoor things that make getaways a good time. Experience the amazing Purple Fiddle, Front Street Grocery, Ben's Loom Barn, WV Highlands Gallery, Fischer xc summit Farm and Food, LamplightWhite Room and Creature Galleries fischer xc summit Thomas and the entire Front Street shops, Tip Top Coffee, Billy Hotel Lounge, Stumptown Ales, Wild Ginger & Spice or Blackwater Bikes, Mountain State Brewing Company.

Tucker Community Foundation would love to meet you. There are many other fine local establishments and they need your business. Be thankful we're in the mountains and go exploring, everybody's friendly and if not report back to us!

The Eastern Continental Divide, Mt.

Porte Crayon, and the Roaring Plains: The highest hump about 4 miles south of here is the summit of Mt. Porte Crayon. At 4,770 feet elevation, it is the highest elevation on the Eastern Continental Divide in West Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Maryland.

It's name honors one of the first white explorers who documented his visits to the area in the mid-and-late 1800's.

The flat topped ridge to the left of the fischer xc summit hump is the Roaring Plains, named for the fischer xc summit winds that frequent the high plateau. This wilderness area contains 5.5 square miles above 4,500 feet.

The Valley of Red Creek below is nearly 3,000 feet below the top of Mt. Porte Crayon. Red creek's waters flow into the Ohio and then Mississippi Rivers. Precipitation falling on the east side of the Eastern Continental Divide flows into the Potomac River and the Atlantic Ocean. sent by Bob Leffler (see overlook area south of Canaan Valley)

The pure spirit of skiing and the good life is alive and well and living fischer xc summit at White Grass.

I know of no other place where skiers gather and get closer to that wonderful spiritual fischer xc summit of skiing and fellowship. Fischer xc summit special place in all nords that makes us want to go outside put on our skis and have fun.

White Grass is quite simply my favorite fischer xc summit ski area in North America. Ski Hard, Play Fair, Have Fun, Dickie Hall/ NATO


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