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The M7 speaker is built with the same drivers, crossovers, stainless steel parts and quality of construction as the M2 model. The high efficiency is the same, 100dB/1Watt/1 meter (8 Ohms nominal impedance).

The Edimoe rare hardwood finish is daniel hertz m 7 costly to manufacture than the brilliant piano black finish, so the price of the M7 is lower than the M2. The height of the M7 is pleasing to many listeners, and integrates will with most residential furnishings due daniel hertz m 7 the elegant colors of the Edimoe wood finish.

The M7 can be placed in almost any location, due to its controlled dispersion.

daniel hertz m 7

Listeners will hear full, natural sound anywhere in the room due to the way the M7 projects. Placement against a wall or away from any wall is no problem. Speaker cables can be as long as daniel hertz m 7 because the load presented daniel hertz m 7 the M7 does not require high power from the amplifier. Daniel Hertz Premium 500 speaker cable is highly recommended for the M7.

The ideal electronics for the M7 are one pair of M5 Mono Reference Amplifiers, and an M6 1 MegOhms Preamplifier. The M7 can also be powered by a wide range of modestly priced amplifiers with excellent results, due to its high efficiency and 8 Ohms impedance.

Owners of daniel hertz m 7 power vacuum tube electronics will find the M7 a delightful choice.

For normal listening, the M7 requires only a few Watts of power to generate substantial volume, and is easy for tube amps to drive.

With the M5 and M6 electronics, M7 owners will have the most highly refined sonic quality, wide dynamic range, punch, no audible electrical or mechanical noise, and high reliability.


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daniel hertz m 7

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